Compose elements and components in flex container


Group allows you to compose any elements and components in flex container. Use these props to change elements position inside Group:

  • position controls justify-content property
  • grow flex-grow property, items will never wrap to next line if set to true
  • spacing controls space between elements – predefined values from theme.spacing or number for spacing in px
  • noWrap controls flex-wrap property and if set to true prevents elements from wrapping on next line once space on current line was exceeded
  • direction controls flex-direction: row (default) for horizontal orientation, column for vertical
  • withGutter when true, adds padding (equal to spacing prop) to the root component, defaults to false
<Button variant="outline">1</Button>
<Button variant="outline">2</Button>
<Button variant="outline">3</Button>

Group children

Group component uses className prop to add styles, child components must accept it otherwise unexpected negative margins will be applied the element:

// Will not work with Group – component does not handle className
const MyButton => ({ label }) => <button>{label}</button>
// Will work with Group – handle className
const MyButton => ({ label, className }) => <button className={className}>{label}</button>
// Will work with Group – handle className
const MyButton => ({ label, ...others }) => <button {...others}>{label}</button>

With divider

You can use Divider component to add additional visual separation and spacing:

<Group position="center">
<Divider orientation="vertical" margins="sm" />
<Divider orientation="vertical" margins="sm" />
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