Capture color data from user


<ColorInput placeholder="Pick color" label="Your favorite color" />


import { useState } from 'react';
import { ColorInput } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
const [value, setValue] = useState('');
return <ColorInput value={value} onChange={(event) => setValue(event.currentTarget.value)} />;


Component supports hex, rgb, rgba, hsl and hsla color formats. Slider to change opacity is displayed only for rgba and hsla formats:

<ColorInput />

Disable free input

To disable free input set disallowInput prop:

<ColorInput disallowInput />

With swatches

You can add any amount of predefined color swatches:

<ColorInput format="hex" swatches={['#25262b','#868e96','#fa5252','#e64980','#be4bdb','#7950f2','#4c6ef5','#228be6','#15aabf','#12b886','#40c057','#82c91e','#fab005','#fd7e14']} />

By default there will be 10 swatches per row, you can change this with swatchesPerRow prop, like in ColorPicker component:

<ColorPicker format="hex" swatches={['#25262b','#868e96','#fa5252','#e64980','#be4bdb','#7950f2','#4c6ef5','#228be6','#15aabf','#12b886','#40c057','#82c91e','#fab005','#fd7e14']} />

If you need to restrict color picking to certain colors – disable color picker and disallow free input:

placeholder="Pick color"
label="Your favorite color"

Remove or replace preview

By default color preview will be rendered on the left side of the input, you can remove it (withPreview={false} prop) or replace with any React node (icon prop):

// Remove color preview
label="Without preview"
placeholder="No color preview"
// Replace color preview with any React node
icon={<BlendingModeIcon />}
label="With icon"
placeholder="With icon"

Input props

Component supports all props from Input and InputWrapper components:

placeholder="Pick color"
label="Your favorite color"

Right section

Like most other inputs ColorInput supports right section, for example, you can add random color button there:

<ColorInput placeholder="Pick color" label="Your favorite color" />

Disabled state

<ColorInput disabled />

Validation state and error

You cannot pick white
// Error as boolean – red border color
<ColorInput error />
// Error as React node – red border color and message below input
<ColorInput error="You cannot pick white" />

Get element ref

You can get input ref with elementRef prop:

import { useRef } from 'react';
import { ColorInput } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
const ref = useRef(null);
return <ColorInput elementRef={ref} />;

Server side rendering

Component uses use-id hook to generate unique ids and aria- attributes, provide static id prop to prevent props mismatch:

<ColorInput /> // -> random id generated both on client and server, props mismatch warning
<ColorInput id="my-input" /> // -> id is static, no mismatches


Provide aria-label in case you use component without label for screen reader support:

<ColorInput label="My input" />; // -> ok, input and label is connected
<ColorInput />; // not ok, input is not labeled
<ColorInput aria-label="My input" />; // -> ok, label is not visible but will be announced by screen reader
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