Version 1.1.0

Release date

New features and components

SegmentedControl component:

Popover component:

Bob Handsome

Divider component now supports labels and margins:

Label on the left
Label in the center
Label on the right
Search results

Group component now supports vertical orientation:

<Button variant="outline">1</Button>
<Button variant="outline">2</Button>
<Button variant="outline">3</Button>

Grid component allows you to use flexbox grid with any columns count:

<Grid grow id="my-grid">
<Col span={4}>1</Col>
<Col span={4}>2</Col>
<Col span={4}>3</Col>
<Col span={4}>4</Col>
<Col span={4}>5</Col>

use-debounced-value - hook to debounce value with useEffect:

Value: [empty string]
Debounced value: [empty string]

API changes

  • Prop typo fix in Checkbox component (intermediate -> indeterminate)
  • Hr component replaced with Divider to support more options
  • ElementsGroup component replaced with Group to support all elements positioning
  • Custom component is now supported by ActionIcon and MenuItem components
  • Modal and Drawer components are wrapped with Portal by default
  • LoadingOverlay now supports custom loaders
  • @mantine/core components types are now exported from package, import it with Props suffix: import { ButtonProps } from '@mantine/core'

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Significant performance improvements with react-jss parameters memoization
  • Dark theme improvements, all components now use more balanced transparent colors in dark theme
  • Portal component now does not show warning during server side rendering
  • @mantine/notifications – useNotifications hook now returns queue
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